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An excursion to AWS, Packer and predictable network interface names

Hi there. Just wanted to share a small technical issue I came across recently and how I solved it. As I described earlier, I provision our AWS machine images for our customers with Packer from HashiCorp and it has worked pretty well so far. Once a month I update the latest Ubuntu Xenial images available on… Read More »

„Wir machen das jetzt mit den ̶F̶̶ä̶̶h̶̶n̶̶c̶̶h̶̶e̶̶n̶ *Microservices“

Hi there. This isn’t so much a technical blogpost itself but more a post about my experiences trying to build a Docker based CI/CD environment and discussing the matter with a customer. The initial situation is as follows: We migrated a medium, „post startup phase“ sized website to AWS based cloudhosting a couple of years… Read More »

Automated EBS Backups on AWS with Terraform and Lambda

Hi there. I have another short post about a toolset I put together during the last days that I wanted to share with the public. As you know, we host almost all our projects in the Amazon Web Services. Almost every instance we use there is based on a so called „EBS Volume“, what is how Amazon… Read More »

A lot is going on

Hey Leute. Lange nichts mehr von mir gehört, aber das hat einen guten Grund. Ich habe derzeit irgendwie kaum Zeit zu bloggen oder mich mit dem Blog zu beschäftigen, weil ich derzeit tatsächlich ganz schön in Beschlag genommen werde von meiner neuen Arbeit. Einige haben es vielleicht schon mitbekommen, ich habe (hoffentlich) endlich den Absprung… Read More »