Cease and Desist

By | 27. Oktober 2014

So it happened.

I recieved a  „cease and desist“ letter (aka „Abmahnung“) from a bavarian lawfirm who claims that I downloaded a series episode via bittorrent.

This might even be true, I am not in the position to verify or deny this claim.

Big thing is, I just recently quit my job, which I hated, and I have some weeks without employment before I can start working for my new employer, a position which will also include a lower wage than before.

So it really is all a matter of really really bad timing.

In general I would say, there is a fuckup, I have to take responsibility – Which is true and which I am willing to do.

On the other hand, I don’t really have the money on hand.

The lawyers want approx. 500€ for the alleged infringement. I have contacted a law firm who will try to deal with the Abmahnung without going to court for a „package price“ of approx. 220€.

This doesn’t sound too much, but for me it is a significant ammount of money, especially in my current situation.


So maybe, just maybe, if you found something on my site which was interesting or helped you with a technical problem or whatsoever – I created a little „donate“ button within paypal.

Like I said, I don’t expect much, I don’t demand anything, so please no hate for that. It acutally feels kinda wrong but I figured I just could ask politely if you could spare one or two Euro or Dollars, that would be nice.


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